LISA; Linking Sea and Land – Flagship Process

The LISA project focuses on linking maritime and land transportation in the Baltic Sea region. In particular, the project emphasizes the need for more cooperation and coordination around digitalization between the countries in the region.

There is an increasing demand for maritime transportation due to the rise of international divisions of labor and international supply chains, which require multiple modes of transportation. In order to ensure effective and secure transportation flows through Baltic ports and the linking of shipping with connecting rail and road transports, the project argues that efficient digitalized work procedures are needed. Today there is a lack of coordination between the states in the Baltic sea region in this matter. The project states that this may lead to a bottleneck for further improvements in efficiency. Therefore, the project wants to support the ongoing cross-sectoral digitalization in the Baltic Sea region. The project stresses that digitalization of transportation should be based on international standards and that national or specific solutions should be avoided.

To achieve this, the project will create a network for coordination and discussions between countries and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region. One goal of the project is to reach a mutual understanding of the sea and land link in the region, where workshops and individual partner meetings will serve as the main tools.