Local Food; Formation of local food markets

The LOCAL FOOD project works with promoting short food supply chains (SFSCs) to support farmers in the Baltic Sea region.

Many farmers in the Baltic Sea region are facing increased production costs. At the same time, consumers are demanding more local and organic products. SFSCs lets farmers sell their products locally, find new customers and increase their income. SFSCs also create more job opportunities in rural areas and it is more sustainable compared to traditional food systems. However, many farmers might not have access to information on how to work with SFSCs. The LOCAL FOOD project therefore aims to help farmers and consumers get closer to each other by collecting and sharing knowledge on SFSCs.

The project will establish a transnational partnership on local food and SFSCs. The goal is to build competence and knowledge on both regional and local levels. Through meetings with the partners involved, best practices on alternative food networks in the Baltic Sea region are shared. The information gathered during the project is collected to expand the network and apply for more programmes.