M.I.M.; Maritime Innovation Management

The MIM project addresses innovations in the maritime sector and wants maritime universities to include innovation methodology in their courses.

The maritime sector is facing complex and global challenges and needs to modernize. According to the MIM project, there is a lack of tools and techniques to foster innovation in the rather traditional and conservative maritime sector. Hence, there is a need to introduce new innovation management techniques. The MIM project suggests developing university courses where students can work on their own innovation projects in collaboration with others. It suggests that such a university course should be developed by maritime universities from different countries.

One question is how to cultivate innovation in maritime clusters and what techniques should be used. The MIM project argues that traditional innovation models do not suffice. Professionals from the industry, academics, and civil servants must be able to come together and practice so-called networking innovation. The objective is to develop tools and provide opportunities for professionals in the maritime sector to meet and practice networked innovation.