MCON: Memory of water – connection Georgia

MCON is connected to Memory of Water (MOW), an EU project which is funded by Creative Europe. MOW focuses on preserving cultural heritage of industrial waterfront activities.

The MCON project is focused on Batumi in Georgia, which is a coastal town on the Black Sea coast. According to MCON, Batumi’s cultural heritage is suffering from the consequences of new development, especially in the Old Town. The project argues that only the interests of the developers are considered and that the current development slowly destroys the history of the area. Moreover, it argues that there are no plans on how to preserve the area.

The project wants to engage civil society in political decisions and boost political participation. By collaborating with cities in the Baltic Sea region, the project wants to encourage preservation of the city’s history. MCON suggests that international presence in Batumi will present examples of solutions and strengthen political participation.

The project plans to gather several institutions and organizations from civil society and public governance. The contacts between MCON and MOW will be mutually beneficial for both sides, bridging relations between the North and the South of Europe. By sharing methodology and non-formal education, co-designing initiatives and access media platforms, the project wants to make the development of Batumi more sustainable.