Mito’s Acrobats in Larache

We will help our partner, Gymnastics & Acrobatic Association in Larache (GAAL), to gain more resources, recruit more competent leaders and get recognition from Moroccan authorities. We want to strengthen GAAL’s work promoting equal training conditions for boys / girls, women / men and help the association to  mobilize for social change in Larache to improve the circumstances of the city’s children, young people and families – who are the final beneficiaries of the project. We want to create a space where children and young people, men and women, can participate in their free time. An activity also propagating for – and practising – gender equality, freedom of expression and democratic principles. We want to create strong and attractive role models who can contribute to change in Larache

The strategy for achieving this is to work with four key activities:

  • An acrobatics and performing arts performance called Mito and the Kingdom of Dragons.
  • A circus festival with invited international artists.
  • A number of workshops / seminars with invited international educators / lecturers.
  • A preliminary study about the construction of Mitos Institute for Circus and Performing Arts in Larache.

The purpose of the activities is to strengthen our target group and their association GAAL. By achieving higher status, credit and cultural capital, the association is more likely to receive support from the Moroccan authorities.