NBD; Nordic-Baltic Dynamics

The NBD project will bring together tech-companies, start-ups, research institutions, science parks and many more. The main activity will be the Nordic Baltic Dynamics conference.

The project stresses that the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region is closely related to a high level of education. Therefore, it is essential to connect academia, private and public sector. Currently, there is no common forum dedicated to the organizations and policy makers that support the globalization of tech-companies and start-ups in the Baltic Sea region. The purpose of the project is to support collaborations between a wide range of actors – tech-companies, start-ups, universities and research institutions, science and technology parks, business incubators and policy makers.

The Nordic Baltic Dynamics conference will be the successor of the Baltic Dynamics conference which has been organized in the Baltic countries for 20 years. During the conference, which will be held in Sweden, there will be seminars, workshops and match-making opportunities. The goal is to provide hundreds of new business contacts among the participants. Moreover, the project intends to bring together decision makers of private and public sector and academia to discuss and build a common strategy for the innovation community for the upcoming years.