NBFP – PL&RU; NordicBaltic Festival Platform

The NBFP project is focused on arts and culture festivals in the Baltic Sea region. It aims to strengthen the Nordic Baltic Festival Platform and connect Poland and Russia to the network.

The Nordic Baltic Festival Platform is a network of festival organizations in the Baltic Sea region. It was set up to facilitate collaborations between festivals in the region. Since the very start, the network has been stressing the need for more connections, visibility and capacity of the festivals in the Baltic Sea region.

The project argues that it is of importance that the network develops a more solid structure. Furthermore, the project wants stronger and permanent relations with Poland and Russia. Both countries will be engaged in the network’s so-called working group. Connections to Poland and Russia will be formalized during the first month of the project. Moreover, the project wants all partners to contribute with their festival experiences in order to strengthen connections as well as capacity and visibility of the arts and culture festivals in the Baltic Sea region. The activities include finding new festival partners, a seminar on Russian festivals and introduction of a web-platform to new network members.