NESUfish; Network for sustainable Baltic Sea small-scale fisheries

The project focuses on promoting a healthy marine environment through small-scale fisheries in the Baltic Sea region.

To conserve the marine biodiversity in the Baltic Sea region, it is important that fisheries are sustainable. By joining the Marine Stewardship Council program, they will be able to become more sustainable. Through the program, fisheries are assessed and given an eco-certification if they meet certain criteria. However, small-scale fisheries often don’t have enough resources to make changes that will meet these criteria.

The NESUfish-project wants to help small-scale fisheries to become more sustainable through network-building. The project will establish a network of small-scale fisheries in the Baltic Sea region. Through the network, knowledge on sustainable fishing will be shared and common challenges and opportunities identified. The information collected during the project will be used to prepare a future project on a larger scale in the Baltic Sea region.