Pan-Arab collective of women changemakers

We aim to develop and nurture a pan-Arab collective of women changemakers
(Collectiva Arabiyat), recruiting and training 10 female leaders and approximately
20 youths from the five project countries. Activities will all take place online. Some
will be regional, with the leadership tier of the collective across all countries
meeting and attending workshops together, others will be local, with the two
leaders from each country meeting with and mentoring up to four youth activists in

Through a series of workshops, the creation of a digital platform, multidisciplinary
content and a podcast this project seeks to enhance women and youth
participation in peace building and politics in the Arab world. Collectiva members
will develop new skills in media, communications, and project design, among others.
The Collectiva will meet together with project managers online across borders
weekly, enabling the creation of a sustainable regional network of dedicated
women that will over time and beyond the project lifecycle expand in size, influence
and impact.