PRE SBWELL; Sustainable tourism for wellbeing in the South Baltic region

The PRE SBWELL project is about the link between growth of tourism and sustainability within the Baltic Sea region. In particular, it focuses on so-called wellness tourism.

The Baltic Sea region have much to offer tourists. For those who are interested in wellness and a healthy lifestyle, there are many high-quality options to choose from when visiting the region. However, the Baltic Sea region as a destination for health and wellness has not yet been popularized and many tourists do not know about these options. Also, as tourism grows in the region, it has become more important to make sure the development is sustainable. Therefore, the PRE SBWELL project aims to develop and promote the region as a sustainable tourist destination.

The project will establish a network of actors and stakeholders in wellness tourism in the Baltic Sea region. One goal is to come up with recommendations of sustainable tourism for wellbeing tourism. Potential partners are mapped out. Study visits to leading actors within sustainable tourism are also planned. At the end of the project, the partners will write an application for a larger project.