REHAZE; Reduced inflows of hazardous substances from landfills into the Baltic Sea

REHAZE is a project about leakages of hazardous substances from landfills into the Baltic Sea. The project focuses on management strategies for reducing pollution.

Industrial waste, contaminated soils and sediments often contain hazardous substances such as heavy metals and organic toxins. These contagious substances are posing a threat to public health and the environment, because of leakages from the landfills where the waste is stored. This is a problem in the EU and in the Baltic Sea region. The REHAZE project argues that current methods for waste treatment often are inadequate. Improved management strategies for landfills are needed. REHAZE wants best practices and new knowledge to be shared between regulatory and supervisory authorities, academia, landfill operators and waste organizations. Based on previous projects, REHAZE will identify needs and knowledge gaps. It will also present four best practices, one from each participating country, and a list of hazardous substances in landfill leachates and relevant treatment methods