RESIDE – Mapping challenges for urban geographies with social and cultural deficit

The RESIDE project is about political policies for fringe communities in the Baltic Sea region.

Over time, European cities have become more centralized as a result of globalization and deindustrialization. Today, most political decisions are made in the cities and most cultural opportunities exist there. The RESIDE project stresses that the perspective of fringe communities is not included enough in political decisions. To strengthen fringe communities in the Baltic Sea region, the project wants to develop strategies for local governance and cooperation between civil society and the state.

During the project, local data is collected to identify challenges that fringe communities are facing. Meetings between activists, NGOs, governments and universities will be arranged. The goal is to create a platform where new models of governance are developed. The overall aim is to initiate a larger project that will connect all of Europe in order to strengthen fringe communities together.