REVIVAL: Towards a better understanding and use of local assets in territories with geographic specificities

REVIVAL is linked to the EU project ESPON BRIDGES, financed by the ESPON programme. The EU project focuses on the economic attractiveness in so-called territories with geographical specificities, for instance islands, coastal areas, mountains and sparsely populated areas.

The REVIVAL project points out that territories with geographical specificities often face more socio-economic challenges than cities. This is the case also in Georgia and Russia. In Georgia, the highlands are characterized by weak economic diversification and poor infrastructure, according to the project. In the rural parts of the north and the north-west of Russia the economies and the social spheres do not meet modern requirements, the unemployment rates are high and the territories are being depopulated and degraded.

This project will address the common challenges and socio-economic trends in the Baltic Sea region. In line with the EU project, the focus will be on transitional labour markets and residential economies, two fields that are useful to design policies for a sustainable and inclusive development of these geographical areas. The REVIVAL project will identify and analyse case studies from Russia and Georgia, and the aim to share and analyse these studies will also benefit the EU project. The activities include workshops, interviews and participation in events of the EU project.