Rubizmo+: Replicable business models for modern rural areas in Belarus and Ukraine

The Rubizmo+ project is connected to Rubizmo, an EU project which receives funding from the Horizon 2020 programme. Rubizmo’s goal is to generate jobs and growth through innovative business models and tools for rural entrepreneurships.

Rubizmo+ argues that rural areas in Ukraine are depopulated and that some regions are left without access to services. However, rural areas are important for societies to function well, as they provide food, bio-based material and other eco-system services. Hence, rural areas must become more attractive for entrepreneurs.

The project suggests that new technology and new bio-based products offer great opportunities to revitalize rural areas. It is therefore necessary for these areas to adopt new business models. The Rubizmo+ project wants to make use of the experiences from Rubizmo. One purpose is to increase the effect of the EU project by spreading the results to partners outside the EU, in this case in Ukraine.

The overall goal is to generate jobs and growth in diverse rural areas. In the long run, the project will contribute to more modern rural economies. Rubizmo+ will arrange seminars and workshops for young entrepreneurs. The content will be adapted to the third partner countries’ own needs and national contexts. In turn, the participation of Ukraine will bring new perspectives to the EU project.