SAM; Smart Asset Management

The SAM-project is about infrastructure for district heating in the Baltic Sea region.

Several countries in the Baltic Sea region will have to modernize their infrastructure for district heating. That is a process that comes with several challenges. It is expensive and the upgrades need to be sustainable. One possible solution is a method called smart asset management (SAM), which optimizes energy efficiency and reduces costs. A few countries in the region have already worked with SAM, but more information needs to be shared.

The SAM project aims to increase knowledge about smart asset management and how it can be used to solve future energy challenges in the Baltic Sea region. The project will establish a network of owners of district heating in the region. Through the network, countries with experiences of SAM will share their knowledge. The project will arrange workshops for the participants to discuss how to develop district heating. Another aim of the project is to expand the collaboration in the future through a larger project. New potential partners will also be mapped out.