Scale-Up; Supporting Clean-tech innovators in Accessing Large Enterprises through Unlocking Procurement

The Scale-Up project focuses on cleantech innovations. One purpose is to scale-up green and innovative solutions by connecting smaller enterprises with potential large buyers.

The Baltic Sea region has produced a great number of innovative enterprises dedicated to developing green products and services. These companies harness renewable materials and energy sources. They contribute to reducing the use of natural resources and cut or eliminate emissions and waste. Yet, many cleantech companies are having a hard time accessing large corporate buyers and therefore remain small. Potential buyers must become more aware of the benefits of cleantech solutions. The ambition of this project is to connect large technology buyers with innovative cleantech providers. In short, the idea is to scale up the potential of cleantech enterprises in the Baltic Sea region through collaborations across the borders.

The Scale-Up project participants will be representatives from the private sector, but also from regional and local authorities. The activities include stakeholder mapping, match-making workshops for smaller cleantech companies and potential buyers as well as an education of “ambassadors of Scale-up”.