Secvalchain: Securing the value-chains for bioenergy

Secvalchain is related to SecureChain, an EU project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. The purpose of the EU project is to secure sustainable supplies of bioenergy for local markets.

A basic condition for the long-term competitiveness of bioenergy is sustainable supply. According to the Secvalchain project, after a few successful pioneer years, countries across Europe have run into various barriers relating to the supply of bioenergy. In view of this, Ukraine’s role is highly relevant.

The project stresses that Ukraine has sufficient energy potential of almost all biomass types. Moreover, the country has the required scientific and technical background for the development of the bioenergy sector. According to one report, Ukraine has the potential to increase renewable energy use tenfold. A main challenge is a rather fragmented biomass market, argues the project. Many operators are unaware of market opportunities and technologies for sustainable bioenergy solutions. Therefore, this project wants to facilitate the development of biomass production through know-how and best practices.

The project will focus on the whole value-chain. One important aspect is the ability and potential of Ukraine to export biomass. The project will have an impact on the cross-border cooperation in the Baltic Sea region as well as between other countries in the region and other regions of Europe. Furthermore, it will contribute to the transition to a circular economy in the region.