SNEM; Strategic Network for E-Mobility in the Baltic Region

The SNEM project deals with the implementation of a fossil free transport system in the Baltic Sea region. It will specifically focus on developing a competitive system, which is needed to speed up the transformation to electric vehicles.

The implementation of fossil free transport systems is one of the most prioritized goals on the sustainability agenda across Europe. To be able to accomplish this, the systems must undergo major changes. Previous projects have primarily dealt with local contexts, but as systems develop and more people use electric vehicles, with better charging ranges, more developed solutions for cross-border travel will be required. That is one of the prerequisites which this project will investigate.

The SNEM project is implemented alongside the project CAR which is financed by the Interreg South Baltic programme. The CAR project aims to develop system solutions and initiate pilot installations that can function across vast areas. These systems must offer convenience and be attractive for the users, and at the same time be cost effective. They must also be able to handle a large number of vehicles, cover great geographic areas, and function in large as well as small municipalities.

With the SNEM project, new countries will be added to the work for fossil free transport systems and make it possible to facilitate the required change in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania as well. The project group will write an analysis report, perform a market analysis and hold workshops. To maximize the practical impact, external stakeholders are also invited to take part in the workshops.