SpreadLesson: Ukraine in Erasmus SpreadLesson

This project connects Ukraine to SpreadLesson, which is an Erasmus project.

In Ukraine, around 125,000 people use sign language. More than 34,000 are deaf and there are 58 special schools for deaf children in the country. Yet, there is no sign language dictionary on the web or map for the Ukrainian sign language. Neither is there any technical platform for teachers of sign language to share educational material.

This project will involve Ukraine into the EU project, together with 12 other countries. For Ukraine, this will serve to be more inclusive towards a minority language such as sign language. In the long run, it will improve the chances for good education, work and independence instead of dependence on welfare support.

One ambition of the EU project is to build a geographical map in sign language. The project uses a copy of Google Maps and each participating country will record 1,000 videos of geographical points from their own countries. Through this project, Ukraine will produce local contributions to the map. The EU project will also build a platform, a website, where teachers can share successful lessons. This project will promote the website among teachers of sign language in Ukraine and encourage them to share material on the site. Hence, there will be a Ukrainian version of the SpreadLesson website, translated from English.