SUE – Three nations; Three countries two seas – one way to sustainability by minimizing emissions and affect behaviour

The SUE project addresses waste management and recycling in the Baltic Sea region.

The project stresses that waste is a big polluter in the region and that there is a need for improvement in the waste management sector, although this need varies between the countries. One challenge is the necessity for technical improvements to manage waste. Yet, an even greater challenge, according to the project, is the need to change citizens’ behaviour and mindset to trust the waste management system, as that is the key to well-functioning waste management.

The purpose of the project is to connect actors from the waste management sector in Ukraine, Estonia and Sweden to share experiences and learn from each other. The project will focus on local pilot projects which will be tested and evaluated. In addition to starting pilot projects, the activities include study visits to share experiences from these local projects and discussions on how to change behaviour through communication. Also, it will create an educational platform for continuous trainings of politicians, officials and others to promote behavioural change.