Sustainable Tourism

The project SustainableTourism focuses on the development of sustainable tourism and the growing demand for “nature tourism”.

The project stresses that the demands for sustainable holidays in the Baltic Sea region is on the rise. Also, the understanding of the importance of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is growing. In order to meet the new demands, it is necessary to increase the knowledge in sustainable use of natural resources in the region. The project wants to increase the municipalities’ capacities for efficient management of natural resources and risk management. The project aims to contribute to the development of environment friendly mindsets among the local populations and authorities in the Baltic Sea region. The project will contribute to the development of sustainable tourism through the exchange of experience, skills and education between the participants. This sector will be able to create local jobs based on nature experiences, food crafts, culture and history. The activities include exchange of best practices, round table discussions, masterclasses about environment management on topics such as prevention of dry grass fires, spring floods prevention and use of alternative “green” energy. One expected outcome of the project is the establishment of one sustainable tourist destination in each region.