TrInfoConDis; Tracing information from the conflict ground to the distant: From journalists’ sources to audiences

The TrInfoConDis is a project that focuses on fake news and disinformation. It aims to increase the understanding of how information is shaped and perceived.

Disinformation and “fake news” is a supraregional, or even global, challenge. The effects are frequently experienced in the Western world, while the origins often lie somewhere else, not seldomly in conflicts and warzones. In the Baltic Sea region, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is one such conflict. The project will seek to establish a collaboration between EU, Ukraine and Russia. As it is important to understand the conditions “on the ground”, the plan is to involve local partners.

The aim is to better understand the information chain, with focus on both ends: journalists’ sources and their audiences. The project will create networks and produce knowledge through comparative research on disinformation and the effects of disinformation. Both local authorities as well as academic institutions will be involved. The project is a follow-up to a previous project (funded by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) that investigated the so-called middle chain in the flow of information.