WE Network; Wise Economy Network – Digitisation for Business Innovation and Prosperity in the Baltic Sea Region

The We Network is about digitalization and internationalization of small businesses run by women. The idea is to create a digital network for women business owners.

Equal participation of women and men in entrepreneurship, innovation and trade is crucial to boost economic growth in the Baltic Sea region. Yet, the WE Network project notices that many women business owners are lacking a digital mindset and digital skills. It stresses that there is a digital gender gap, with women using internet less often. Also, there is a lack of women in international trade and therefore their chances to grow their businesses are limited.

The project wants to promote the growth of women’s businesses in the Baltic Sea region through networking and knowledge-sharing between women business owners and entrepreneurs, such as designers and creators. It stresses that digitalization and tools for international growth can increase the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region. The idea is to work with an already existing network of contacts and partners. The WE Network project plans to carry out workshops, face-to-face meetings and activities online through the digital network. Trainings also include ”train-the-trainer” sessions.