Where Art Is SEED; Co-creation of sustainable post-pandemic destinations by linking arts & crafts and visitor economy

Where Art Is SEED address the visitor economy in the Baltic Sea region. The project will focus on arts and crafts actors.

Art, design, craft and other cultural offers are key elements of many local tourist destinations in the South Baltic Sea region. This project argues that these sectors are important because they often shape the unique characters of the destinations. More importantly, they also contribute to the local economies. The project suggests that the arts and crafts actors do not always profit from tourism to an extent that allows them to be economically sustainable. This so-called tourism paradox has become even more obvious during the pandemic. Where Art Is SEED argues that arts and crafts should be able to contribute more to the attraction of local tourism destinations. This is in line with the general ambition of the visitor economy, in the aftermath of the pandemic, to become more sustainable – environmentally, economically and socially. The project notes that there are a number of proficient actors and successful initiatives in the region, and that they have a lot to learn from each other. Where Art Is SEED will gather them in a “cross-border laboratory” to create new approaches to be launched when the post-pandemic tourism takes off. The activities include baseline studies, identification of experts and inspirational lectures, analysis and presentation of best practices, workshops, and study visits.