YC in EUSBSR; Youth cooperation in the EUSBSR

The YC in EUSBSR project focuses on youth organizations’ contacts and collaborations across the borders in the Baltic Sea region.

In general, the national youth councils have broad memberships nationally and high legitimacy to represent young people in political processes. Yet, there is no network for coordination and cooperation across the borders in the Baltic Sea region. There is only a rather informal network that has been developed from current needs.

This project wants to learn more about the benefits of participation of youth organizations in the Baltic Sea region. For instance, it will map ongoing initiatives where it would be relevant to involve a youth perspective. From the findings, the project will create a blue-print workshop that can be copied and run in each country. Furthermore, the project wants to make it possible for the youth councils to find sustainable ways for cooperation in the future. Another aim is therefore, to come up with an idea for a bigger project application and solution for youth cooperation in the region. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organizations in other countries not mentioned above.