YouEFF; Young Energy for the Future

The YouEFF project focuses on promoting growth in the Baltic Sea region by helping young entrepreneurs expand their businesses into the renewable energy sector.

Renewable energy demands will create new opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the Baltic Sea region in the future. This is an opportunity for the Baltic Sea region to become a leader on renewable energy and energy efficiency. It is therefore important that young entrepreneurs are prepared to meet future demands on sustainability. However, youth in the Baltic Sea region do not yet have enough experience or knowledge about sustainable entrepreneurship. Because of this, the YouEFF project plans to support young entrepreneurs to start a business or expand into the renewable energy sector in the Baltic Sea region.

The aim of the project is to establish a transnational network for young entrepreneurs. During the project, the needs within the energy sector in each country are mapped out and potential partners are contacted. An energy camp for youth from the Baltic Sea region will be organized. The purpose of the energy camp is to test the concept of YouEFF and to inspire and educate young entrepreneurs. Also, an application for a similar project on a larger scale will be written.