Youth Voices Now

Violence is experienced in over 67% of homes in Nusa Tengarra Timur. This is one
of the highest rates in Indonesia. Youth Voice Now will provide a space for youth to
voice concerns and propose solutions specifically relating to SDG16, using a
medium that youth and young adults relate to: the internet. Via this medium, 500
youth and young adults will engage with each other, authorities locally and
nationally in Indonesia, and also contribute to a global campaign initiated by
Barnfonden, Sweden, to implore policy makers to pay more attention to ending

Youth champions will be trained in campaigning and writing and videoing
for online media. They will work with established youth groups to raise their voice
with duty bearers, while sharing their work with 80,000 peers nationally. The
approach will be documented and shared via videos, journals and webinars,
potentially reaching CSOs and youth groups in 70 countries.