SI reward alumni scholarships to attend Nobel Prize Teacher Summit

In collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum, the Swedish Institute has financed 25 scholarships for teachers to attend the prestigious Nobel Prize Teacher Summit in Stockholm 28 September 2023. Among the recipients are six SI alumni. At the summit teachers from all over the world meet Nobel Prize Laureates, top scientists and peace activists around a theme of great importance in education.
Woman in front of a mountain

One of the scholarship recipients chosen by the Nobel Prize Museum is Rena Ajalova, a SI Scholarship alumni from Georgia.

Why did you want to attend the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit?

– My aspiration to attend the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit is driven by the extraordinary opportunity to connect with educators worldwide, engage with Nobel laureates and peace activists, and learn from their impactful journey. This experience will enable me to empower students in Georgia to become active, engaged learners and responsible global citizens. Exploring the democratic mission of Swedish schools at the summit will provide invaluable insights for cultivating inclusivity and civic participation in our own educational landscape.

What are you most excited about?

– I am deeply excited about the opportunity to connect with educators from around the world. Through these connections, I will have the chance to share ideas and experiences, gaining invaluable insights into diverse educational systems and practices. The prospect of participating in discussions, learning about the Swedish school system, and meeting Nobel Laureates is genuinely inspiring. This exchange of cross-cultural knowledge will assist me in integrating new knowledge into my teaching methods while empowering me to make substantial contributions to the advancement of education in my region.