She Entrepreneurs brought confidence in to what I am doing

Mia Atoui 32, from Lebanon is a Clinical Psychologist and the Co-Founder and Vice President of EMBRACE – an NGO with the goal to raise awareness about mental health and prevent suicides in Lebanon.

Mia Atoui is also one of the participants in the She Entrepreneurs leadership programme by the Swedish Institute.
– I was really amazed by all the benefits the programme provide to entrepreneurs and individuals who are working on social change in their countries. As a Clinical Psychologist I have a different background than business and social enterprises, but I have spent the recent years with establishing an NGO which works on mental health in Lebanon.

What are your takeaways from She Entrepreneurs?

– She Entrepreneurs brought me confidence in what I am doing says Mia Atoui, and continues – the programme taught us not to compromise and fight for ourselves and our business.

How will your business contribute to sustainable development?

–My business is targeting a very critical health problem in the world right now. My NGO has established the first suicide prevention hotline in the Middle East and North Africa. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the world ages 15-29.

What has having a mentor during the programme meant to you?

– It means a lot of responsibility. The mentor gives up their time and invests in me. I have to give back and prove to up for the challenge.

How have you benefited from She Entrepreneurs?

I benefited more at a personal level than a professional level. I have met so many inspiring women through She Entrepreneurs. I want to foster the relations because you keep learning new things. This inspires me. Meeting women here in Sweden also changed my view on the world.

What is your goal?

My goal is to establish a suicide prevention hotline in other Arab countries.