SI alumni among 33 sustainability talents

The magazine Aktuell Hållbarhet have published a list on 33 Sustainability talents under 33. The list highlights young talents who drives and sets the agenda for sustainable development and helps to solve the challenge for sustainable future. 

SI alumni Aleh Kliatsko is one of the selected talents. We had the chance to congratulate him and learn more about his work.

– While studying in Belarus, I found out about the Swedish Institute’s Visby programme that provides scholarships to students and researchers from the Baltic Sea region. I successfully applied for such a scholarship and studied Sustainable Technology Master’s programme at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH.

– Sweden gave me an excellent education and the possibility to continue in the same direction, that is, to work with sustainability, Aleh continues. I’m passionate about sustainable lifestyle, circular economy, collaboration and co-creation.

– My long-term ambition is to make a difference and contribute to sustainable development as a change-maker with a fresh, innovative approach. I co-founded the Swedish NGO Global Playground Stockholm. It gave me an opportunity to work with promoting sustainable development and lifestyle by implementing different national and international projects but also to involve young people in sustainable matters through local initiatives. The idea of creating the organization was to bring together like-minded individuals to jointly run projects and activities that promote sustainable development at local and global levels.

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