SI provides support to Swedish higher education institutions for collaborative projects with Ukraine

In 2022, the Swedish Institute (SI) published a call for project funding to Swedish universities and research institutes, to support the academia in Ukraine. Altogether, ten projects related to capacity-building, education and research were granted.
A smart energy city

SI works to strengthen Sweden’s relations and to develop collaborations with the countries around the Baltic Sea and with Sweden’s neighbouring countries. Through the funding programme Academic collaboration in the Baltic Sea region, Swedish universities and research institutes are offered the opportunity to apply for project funding aimed to support new or already established collaborations with universities and colleges in countries within the EU:s Eastern Partnership and in the Baltic Sea region.

In 2022 the focus has been to support Ukraine’s ability to maintain its international academic networks and cooperation, secure capacity to pursue continued management of education and research, and to prepare the Ukrainian academia to take an active role in processes to rebuild the society after the war.

IVL The Swedish Environmental Research Institute has received support for its project Ukrainian Sustainable Energy Systems. Together with two Ukrainian partners it aims to reinforce capacity and knowledge within the Ukrainian academia on various topics related to sustainability and resilience of energy systems.

Chalmers University of Technology, together with partners in Estonia and Ukraine, will carry out work that aims to investigate how modern technology for building modular wooden houses can be used as a large-scale element in the reconstruction of war-affected residential areas in Ukraine.