Mobility is central to our lifestyle. We travel, shop and interact with people in completely new ways, which places great demands on future mobility being sustainable, safe and accessible to everyone.

Today, transport accounts for about one third of Sweden’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Investments in renewable energy and fossil-free transport require technological innovation, innovative ways of doing business, updated regulations and above all – a total change in people’s way of relating to mobility. We must see mobility as a service and not as a product.

Through close cooperation between universities, the business community and government authorities, Sweden continues to produce new mobility solutions.

In this exhibition you will learn about historical innovations such as Aina Wifalk’s walker, Volvo’s three-point belt as wekll as failed experiments. Discover how Swedes carry their children, protect their heads when cycling, automate the mining industry and move freely in nature, even if they live with a functional variation.

On April 29 in Washington, D.C., the new website for House of Sweden’s exhibitions will be inaugurated, which includes our exhibition: