Stories from Sweden: Building the world’s tallest wooden building

Far up north, near the Arctic Circle, the Swedish city of Skellefteå is building its Sara Culture Centre in timber. 20 storeys high, the centre will stand as the world’s tallest wooden building. Meet architect Oskar Norelius, the creative mastermind behind the project, in our latest StoriesFromSweden episode.

Stories from Sweden is a documentary film concept on Sweden’s official YouTube channel. Stories from Sweden features people who have made life-choices or taken initiatives that can inspire far beyond the country’s borders.

Through different narratives, the short films convey a multi-layered portrait of today’s Sweden. The films are aimed at a young international audience interested in and inspired by areas where Sweden plays a leading role, such as sustainability, innovation and social issues like integration and equal opportunities.

Oskar Norelius and Robert Schmitz’s winning architecture proposal Side by Side, was inspired by Skellefteås long treadition of timber construction. All of the timber used in the buildning is locally sourced and the transportation is therefor minimal which makes the carbon footprint down.

See the full episode of Stories from Sweden with Oskar Norelius: