Sweden top in innovation in Europe

For the second year in a row, Sweden is ranked first on the European Commission's European Innovation Scoreboard. The index evaluates the EU countries' national innovation systems based on a number of indicators that can be linked to a good innovation climate.
Laser Laboratory

Sweden’s strengths lie primarily in the indicators human capital, innovation-friendly environments and attractive research environments. A large proportion of the population has gone through higher education and beacuse of several educational alternatives, opportunities for lifelong learning are provided. In the area of ​​innovation-friendly environments, Sweden is ranked high due to good access to broadband and good support for entrepreneurs. When it comes to attractive research environments, it is mainly a large number of publications in international journals, most quoted publications and the number of foreign doctoral students in Swedish research environments that stand out.

Sweden ranks high in a number of indices that measure innovation, which is important for as small a country as Sweden. It provides the conditions for a good business climate and for attracting companies, investments and capital.