Swedish apparel industry develop roadmap to reduce their greenhouse gases

The players of the Swedish fashion industry work together in a unique way in line with the 1.5 degree goal. Within the framework of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action, STICA, Swedish companies in the textile and fashion industry come together to find a common roadmap in line with the UN's climate goals.
A crowd walking on a shopping street passing an H&M store. The sky is grey and a pigeon is flying right across.
The Swedish Institute and STICA joined forces during the autumn 2020. The STICA program is a collaboration between
apparel and textile companies. Participating are, for example, Lindex, KappAhl, H&M and Peak Performance.

The work within STICA is distinguished by the fact that despite being competitors, industry players come together, set science-based targets 
and in a transparent way pave the way to reduce their greenhouse gases in line with 1.5 C warming pathway. 
The purpose is to show how it can be done by outline a concrete raodmap. 
Also, larger brands can thus contribute to a useful tool for smaller brands.
The hope is that the model can inspire companies in other countries and regions to work in a similar way.
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Swedish apparel and textile companies join forces with a focus on finding a common roadmap in line with the UN’s climate goals.