Swedish companies boost the Swedish Institute Management Programme

Swedish companies that have come far in their sustainable business practices play an important role for participants in the Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP). Since the first round of SIMP kicked off in 2007, several prominent companies have shared their insights on how to triumph as a sustainable company, helping raise the level of professionalism within SIMP.
A man mounting wheel at Scania chassis assembly.

SIMP builds on Sweden’s prominent global position in innovation and sustainable business. The programme provides methods, concepts and practical applications from leading experts. Through this hands-on approach, participants meet with companies to discuss their sustainability work and explore potential challenges.

During previous years, before the Covid-19 pandemic, the visits have been on location. However, thanks to live online case sessions, the digital visits are still one of the most appreciated features of the programme.

– Of course, physical visits to the actual companies would have been great. But the SIMP team came through delivering an experience I did not expect…very interactive, insightful and inspiring,’ said one of the participants from 2020.

Discussions with Swedish experts allow participants to reflect on their own organisation as they share with and learn from industry peers. The most recent programme included visits to Swedish companies such as Scania, Billerud Korsnäs, Nudie Jeans, Karma, Telia and Nordea.

Participants in SIMP Africa 2020 made a digital study visit at Scania, world leading provider of transport solutions. Among other things, Scania shared their experience on how unions are incorporated in many decision-making processes.

One of the participants summarised the Scania visit: ‘The content has been very inspiring, especially the company visits. The programme has impact, and I will put it into my work.’

Other topics include financial inclusion, engaging stakeholders in product development, corporate partnerships, electrification, and changing consumer behaviours.

Also coming programmes will include exciting visits at leading Swedish companies that can showcase cutting-edge business methods for a sustainable future. The ambition is to tailor the visits to include companies that fit the industries in which the programme participants operate and represent.

For the Swedish Institute Management Programmes Asia, Africa, Bolivia, Northern and Eastern Europe 2021 a dialogue with several companies is underway and the finalised programme will be set soon.

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