Swedish democracy and the challenges we face

A delegation of international journalists visit Swedish institute to discuss innovation, democracy and citizen dialogue during Gather Festival.

On the first day they met with Democracy Ambassador Lena Posner-Körösi, who spoke about democracy in Sweden, the challenges we face and her own experience of threat and hatred being a spokespersons for the Jewish minority in Sweden. ”The health of a democracy depends on how the minorities are treated”, she stated.

The group also got to meet Martin L. Fällman from Civil Right Defenders, an expert organization supporting human rights defenders who work in some of the world’s most repressive regions. He gave a short and brilliant speech on online safety for journalist and how to avoid being hacked.

A couple of times every year, SI organize visits by foreign journalists in order to increase interest in Sweden and make the country more visible in foreign media. Such visits are arranged both on request, where the theme is decided in consultation with the missions abroad and media organizations, and at SI’s own initiative.

Gather Festival is a combination of a conference and a festival hosting some of the world’s most interesting speakers and artists. Gather is about linking different thoughts, backgrounds, experiences and ideas through conversations, cultural events and in performance-driven labs. Gather believes in the importance of collaboration, creativity and ability to think differently. Visitors to Gather participate to be inspired by people from other industries, challenge and think of new ways.