Swedish Design Movement – continued investment in Sweden as a design nation

The Swedish government continues the financial support to the design programme Swedish Design Moves. During 2020, five million Swedish kronor will be invested in marketing Sweden as a design nation. The Swedish Institute is a new partner in the programme, responsible for all international activities.

The government continues to invest in Sweden as a design nation through an assignment to Visit Sweden along with the Swedish Institute, Architects Sweden, the Swedish Fashion Association, the Swedish federation of Wood and Furniture (TMF), the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design/Svensk Form and a number of cities, regions and other design organizations in Sweden. The aim is to increase the international awareness of Sweden as a design nation, get more tourists to choose Sweden and discover Swedish design, and strengthen the export of sustainable products and services.

The programme will focus on sustainability issues and include many different design expressions. The Swedish Institute (SI) is a new partner, as project manager for the international activities.
In 2020 the program changed its name to Swedish Design Movement to manifest the force among Swedish creators, design companies and organizations towards sustainable change through design.

Focus markets for the programme will continue to be Germany, France, the UK, the US, and to some extent, Japan. The programme will most likely run for at least three years.

The design programme is part of Sweden’s export and investment strategy. In the updated strategy, sustainability issue has been given a stronger focus. Sweden will take a leading position in the global work of realizing the goals of the Paris agreement. To achieve the global sustainability goals, a transition to a circular and bio-based economy is needed, this will also strengthen competitiveness and help create new jobs.

During the first four years of the design program (Swedish Design Moves 2016–2019), a number of international exhibitions and activities were held around the world, and several programmes for journalists and influencers were organized in Sweden. More than 260 design, fashion and architecture companies were involved in creating visibility for the country’s architecture-, design- and visitor destinations.