Swedish LGBTQI rights praised in Brazil

As part of our mission to increase knowledge and interest in Sweden, SI organizes a number of journalist visits each year. In connection with the Pride festival in August, we were visited by dozens of journalists from around the world to talk about LGBTQI rights.
Pride festival

The journalists came from China, Russia, the USA, Macedonia, Georgia and Indonesia. Also included was a television team from the Saia Justa program in Brazil. During his stay in Stockholm, the program host and youtuber Spartakus Santiago interviewed, among others, a Swedish police officer, a priest and a trans activist.

Now their first Swedish report has been shown in Brazil and the response has been overwhelming, not least the comments on social media:

“Impressive how a report can impact and touch us so much. Incredible to take part in freedom of speech in Sweden. I started to cry.”

“I’m straight, but it was impossible not to be emotionally affected when you saw how LGBTQ people are being treated in Sweden.”

“Your [Spartakus] participation yesterday was wonderful. The report from Sweden touched me deeply. Fantastic! Thank you for showing us a society full of love, respect and inclusion. ”

“What an incredible report from Sweden about LGBTQ rights in Sweden. The best thing was the interview with the priest. Congratulations to you! It was amazing! ”.