Swedish universities allowed to open classrooms this autumn

On Friday 29 May, the Swedish Government provided encouraging news to both international students in Sweden and those accepted to studies this autumn by lifting earlier recommendations on distance learning and allowing Swedish universities to start preparing for to open their classrooms.

In major news for the university sector, the Swedish government has lifted earlier recommendations on distance learning due to COVID-19, and recommended that Swedish universities begin preparations to open up their classrooms for students starting this autumn.

What does the news mean for classrooms at Swedish universities?

Universities in Sweden have shifted to distance learning since recommendations by the Public Health Agency on 19 March.
The announcement means that Swedish universities can begin to plan a return to normal operations, as well as open classrooms, provided they can do so in a safe fashion. The exact extent to which universities and programmes open their classrooms can vary as universities will have the responsibility of adjusting their lectures to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Positive news for international students

International students around the world have faced huge amounts of uncertainty due to the impacts of COVID-19 on both travel and also campuses being closed around the world.
The government announcement is particularly encouraging news for international students in Sweden as well as international students accepted to Swedish universities this autumn, as it increases the chances they’ll be able to attend physical classes this autumn.

When will students find out if they will have physical classes?

Swedish universities will be in touch with students when they have had time to plan their classes in line with the new announcements. Updates for international students will be shared on studyinsweden.se, which is the official website for international students interested in studying in Sweden.