The exhibtition Images that change the world in Shanghai

Who is the prime minister, who is in the book club and who drives the tractor? SI is focusing on challenging norms in a new exhibition.

Images that change the world has been shown in Riga, St. Petersburg and right now in Shanghai. There, the exhibition is presented at Taikoo Hui, a central shopping mall in Shanghai until October 20.

The exhibition was created by SI with Tomas Gunnarsson, better known as the “gender photographer”, as photographer and producer. The exhibition consists of 18 presentations and photos and is supplemented with a 40-page manual to make the viewer a full-fledged norm critic.

– Norm criticism is about changing solidifying norms and challenging what is considered “normal”, says Tomas Gunnarsson.

The exhibition focuses on image norms. Not least important when a picture “says more than a thousand words”. Many norms are culturally conditioned and vary from country to country, which has been captured in the exhibition.

For the exhibition, collaboration with Gävle municipality has been important. Gävle was one of the first municipalities in Sweden to analyse their use of images, rethink and think new.

Tomas Gunnarsson, Johan Adolfsson f.d. information manager in Gävle municipality, Marianne Nilsson, gender equality strategist, region Värmland and Barakat Ghebrehawariat, better known as the “democracy agent” will do workshops in connection with the international screenings.