“The experience of studying in Sweden encourages my desire to help innovate healthcare development in Egypt.”

Aya Mesbah Abou El Magd is a SI Scholarship for Global Professional recipient and a pharmacist from Egypt. We met with her to speak about her academic studies in precision medicine at Uppsala University and her vision to help foster healthcare development in her country.
Photo of Aya standing in front of Uppsala university building

What made you choose Sweden as your preferred country of studies?

– Interestingly, during the application process I found out that precision medicine was exclusively offered at Uppsala University in Sweden. This discovery fuelled my commitment to prioritise it as my top choice. The university is renowned for its leadership in medical and innovative advancements, offering students unparalleled access to cutting-edge knowledge and resources. Now I am studying a program that I am passionate about and I am so eager to apply what I am learning. Also, I developed a strong desire to immerse myself in the Swedish way of life, eager to explore and appreciate the cultural values of this nation, Aya explains.

How would you describe your academic experience in Sweden? What do you take with you from this journey?

– Embarking on this journey alone, separated by 3815 km from my home in Egypt, is both new and thrilling. Regarding my studies, it is very challenging studying precision medicine as it combines many fields together like cancer genetics and basic programming. Beyond the academic aspect, it is the overall atmosphere that I find intriguing. This extended period of time without the presence of family or friends adds a unique dimension to my experience. It is all about appreciating the interaction with a new and diverse community, fostering the development of meaningful relationships.

What  made you consider the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals?

– With 4 years of experience as a pharmacist and with my leadership skills I found how the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals is focused on these aspects. The scholarship represents a unique opportunity to augment my understanding of healthcare innovation, a pivotal aspect in navigating today’s swiftly evolving healthcare landscape. Aya continues:

– A particularly compelling aspect for me is also the scholarship’s focus on aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3 – good health and well-being. This resonates deeply with my background as a clinical oncology pharmacist, and I firmly believe that my experiences and dedication align seamlessly with the vision.

 What would you say to students considering the SI Scholarship and Sweden?

– It would be a strong recommendation to come to Sweden and have this experience. SI Scholarship is a very prestigious offering, and it also includes a variety of different courses. My advice would just be to set some preparations into your consideration. Also, start learning Swedish and be a part of as many activities as possible!

Moving forwards, how do you hope to impact your country and community with your new knowledge?

– By encouraging others to pursue studies in any field. Precision medicine studies offers me a unique opportunity to positively impact Egypt in various vital areas. There is potential to significantly foster innovation and global partnerships advancing our understanding of the genetic factors underlying prevalent diseases. Hopefully I can inspire other Egyptians to make a difference!


Applications for the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals open on the 12 February 2024. Here you can read more about the scholarship and how to apply.