”The programme has prepared me for the future world of work”

Bhoke John Rotente is an SI scholar from Tanzania, she studies Business Administration – Strategy Management at Linköping University. The SI scholarship is a steppingstone in her career, and we had the opportunity to learn more about Bhoke’s experience in Sweden and her ambitions of developing Tanzania.
Bhoke John Rotente standing on a snowy road in front of her university building

Bhoke shares with us that she manages 45 people at an organisation that employs 500 people. She has a key responsibility in the implementation and reporting of business-related activities carried out by the organisation, and in providing strategic advice on business insights, innovation, and poverty alleviation.

– I work as the Head of Business and Entrepreneurship Department at an organisation whose mission is to teach women about business, help entrepreneurs find funding resources and share information with the public in Tanzania. I decided to apply for the SISGP programme to begin giving back to my community, to become a better leader and learn competences important for the development of my work.

When asked why she choose Sweden, it was clear that the diversity aspects in teaching and student population was interesting to her.

– When deciding where to study, I read extensively about the educational system in Sweden, the specific programmes, and the level of interaction between the country’s universities and the business world. My university, Linköping University, attracts students from all over the world in the hope they will add to campus diversity. Meeting students from other schools and getting to know their points of view is an excellent way for me to learn more about different subjects.

An interesting dimension for Bhoke was the close relation between teaching and the world of work, how the education system places great emphasis on the students’ life after graduation.

– Students in my country are ranked by their academic performance, but this is not done in Sweden. Swedish teachers place a lot of value on what their students can do outside of the classroom. My experience so far has been preparing me for the future of workplaces by simulation of teamwork, leadership, and strategic organisation (both local and global).

When asked how Bhoke imagines impacting her country with the learnings from her time in Sweden she mentions the diverse competences she’s gained through her experience so far.

– When I’m done with my programme, I hope to have a better grasp of analysis, be able to solve problems more effectively and have a firm grasp of strategy. As a bonus, I’ll be an experienced team player who can think globally and is comfortable with ambiguity. There is no doubt that I won’t make a big difference in my home country.

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