“The programme was truly a transformative experience”

Milija Rašović works for the Ministry of European Affairs in Montenegro. In September 2023, he enrolled in the Swedish Institute Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) to strengthen his collaboration skills. Are you interested in the programme? Make sure to apply for this year's SAYP programmes.
Milija Rašović

– My primary motivation for applying to this programme was that it was a unique programme. Unlike most courses that focus on specific skills, this programme offers a versatile skill set applicable across various professional scenarios. A key takeaway from the course was a refined understanding of effective collaboration.

Collaboration holds significant importance in Milija’s professional responsibilities.

– My work involves collaboration with the entire government, including state agencies, to complete tasks. I engage with every ministry to ensure accurate translation and terminology. The programme has taught me valuable skills to streamline and enhance this collaborative process.

Milja found the lessons learned truly eye-opening, providing him with valuable insights that will contribute to his professional growth and approach to collaboration.

– I previously held a limited perspective on collaboration.Through this experience, I gained a broader understanding of what collaboration is and its diverse applications, particularly within my country.

Milija gained insights from various perspectives, as the programme had participants from both state institutions and the private sector, providing him with diverse perspectives on the entire matter.

– Working with outside groups, like private companies and non-profit organisations, taught me to solve problems better. It brings in different viewpoints, specialised knowledge, and innovative ideas that might be more effective than just working within your own team.

Overall, the SAYP proved to be a transformative experience for Milija.

– Travelling to different countries and immersing myself in diverse cultures was transformative. The experience provided a rich cultural perspective, with excellent lecturers and enlightening guest speakers sharing both successes and mistakes in collaboration.

Milija is confident that he will be able to apply the experience gained in his professional work.

– I believe each academic module has its merits, but I opted for this one as it closely aligns with the tasks in my daily job. I am confident that this choice has provided me with significant learning opportunities.

About the Swedish Institute Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP)

The Swedish Institute Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) is a training programme developed to build awareness, capacity and resilience in the practice of governance. Are you a young professional in the selected regions – Western Balkan or Baltic Sea Region and Eastern partnership countries and want to deepen your knowledge about modern sustainable governance? This is the programme for you.

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