“The SI scholarship acknowledges my experience as a professional as well as my contributions to my community”

We met up with Cynthia Mulenshi, a SI Scholarship holder who works in the agricultural field in Zambia. She spoke to us about the vision she has for her country and how her experiences in Sweden help foster more ideas.
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What made you choose Sweden as your study destination, has it met expectations?

– I applied for Agricultural Economics and Management in Sweden because I learned that Sweden is highly rated in agricultural development and universities use an applied system of learning. Indeed, I have found that the lectures use real data and current economic situations. I have also gotten so much understanding of why our agricultural sector and economic performance in general is lagging behind in Zambia and other developing countries. Cynthia adds:

– My study experience has been beyond what I imagined. Starting with the use of advanced technology to the presentation of information during lectures; I felt overwhelmed. But with a little adjustment, I have actually enjoyed how life is made easy when the required resources are in place. I am able to access all my lectures and recommended literature anytime. The universities are well stocked with all facilities that make the academic journey pleasant.

What are you working with today? Are you engaged in contributing to any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)?

– In Zambia I am working in a field that addresses SDG number 1 and number 8 ‚Äď No poverty & decent work and economic growth, respectively. I work with micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs) ensuring that they improve production, embrace diversification and in turn create employment. In my engagement I focus more on women and the youth. I train them in various entrepreneurial skills and also incorporate agricultural skills for those in the agricultural sector.

What made SI Scholarship for Global Professionals an interesting opportunity for you?

– The scholarship was acknowledging my experiences as a professional as well as my contributions to my community through the work I do outside my career. I liked that it encourages leadership in young people in their careers and embracing a heart of service in their communities. Most scholarships consider only your academic qualifications but for the SI Scholarship, it highlights professional and academic qualifications coupled with extracurricular activities such as volunteer work. It helps the applicant to see that contributing to development in our countries goes beyond our academics.

How do you hope this experience and knowledge will impact your country and community onwards?

– To be able to contribute to decent work and economic growth in my country I hope to join the policy makers on national level. I have seen how some policies have negatively impacted our entrepreneurs making them unable to flourish and create employment. I want to use the knowledge gained to analyse those polices for the best of our economic growth. I also want to continue volunteering to train in organisations that encourage our farmers to engage in sustainable farming practices for improved crop production. With more agricultural information availed to our farmers, I hope we can end poverty in my community.

What would you advice students who are considering Sweden and the SI Scholarship?

– Please go for it! Sweden is a beautiful and welcoming country. From my experience, it is a multi-cultural country; there are many countries, races and religions represented here, all you have to do is find where you fit in. The SI Scholarship will give you an opportunity to learn in some of the outstanding universities in the world and gain practical knowledge in your field. Apply! Apply! Apply!

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