“The SI scholarship is more than just a financial support to your education in Sweden. It is the foundation for meaningful networking opportunities.”

Xuan Tran, an SI scholarship holder from Vietnam shares her ambition to working towards sustainable development in her country and her experience as a media and communications student at Lund University.

The aim of the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals is to empower future global leaders who want to contribute to sustainable development. We asked Xuan what part of the scholarship offer that appealed to her specifically: 

– The meaningful aim of the SI scholarship intrigued me greatly. I strongly believed that the experience and knowledge gained in Sweden would be beneficial for me to share with people and businesses in Vietnam so that we can strive for sustainable development more effectively. After nearly two years of living and experiencing Sweden, I can validate that belief and feel strongly resonated with it. 

Xuan hopes to contribute to the further development of Vietnam and encourages other Vietnamese professionals to consider an experience abroad: 

– An ambitious plan I have is to find a suitable way to contribute to sustainable development and growth in my country. Vietnam has been trying to adopt and do many practices to advocate for sustainability. I hope to contribute what I have learned, obtained, and polished while living in one of the most innovative yet sustainable environments in Sweden. I hope to inspire and motivate fellow Vietnamese professionals to consider taking the leap of their lives like I did two years ago. 

Having a background in international relations and professional experience in marketing, Xuan believed that Sweden was the ideal choice for her:

– Studying in Sweden has always been my dream. I just focused on finding Sweden’s most suitable programmes and universities. When looking for programmes and making selections for my study in Sweden application, with a background in international relations and professional experience in marketing, I wanted to follow something where I could use both the knowledge from my bachelor’s degree and from work experience, especially in the communication field. Xuan adds:  

– Initially, I had various concerns and expectations for what would come. My life since August 2022, when I arrived in Sweden, has been the most fantastic journey of my life. 

Adjusting to a different educational system can be difficult, Xuan explains her study experience and how it has surpassed her expectations: 

– It has actually been beyond my expectations. I am inspired and motivated by the encouragement and support given by the educational system in Sweden. Small details include calling professors by their first name, reaching out to them anytime, or how different resources are allocated to support students during their academic journey. Also, I love having different choices outside of the classroom, such as joining the board of the Network for Global Professionals (NFGP) team in Lund. We get to organise activities and meet other scholars or different student clubs and associations to introduce and get to know life in Sweden. 

Xuan leaves some advice for people looking to study in Sweden and apply for the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals: 

– If you look for quality of life and education where you will be heard and valued, then Sweden is definitely the place to be. The SI scholarship is more than just financial support to your education in Sweden. It is the foundation for meaningful networking opportunities, through academic, professional and extracurricular activities. It is the enabler and supporter of your personal growth and development into a well-equipped and skilled professional once you finish the academic journey and are ready to embark on a new path.