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Are you an entrepreneur with a vision ​​to make​ an impact on society through your business? Do you want to take the next steps to grow​ your enterprise​? Become part of a strong network of impact-driven female founders in the Middle East, North Africa and Türkiye through our ​leadership programme​ She Entrepreneurs.​​ ​​
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She Entrepreneurs is a leadership programme for highly motivated women entrepreneurs in the Middle East, North Africa and Türkiye who are building sustainable and scalable businesses that contribute to driving social and/or environmental change. In the past years that the programme has been running, many entrepreneurs received support that helped them become successful in expanding and increasing their impact.

She Entrepreneurs offers practical and hands-on leadership training based on real business experience, collaborative learning, and participant-centric design. The programme provides tangible tools, insights and connections for participants who want to grow their businesses and develop as entrepreneurs as well as leaders.

Running over the course of six months, the programme combines regular online workshops and online mentoring with one week of intensive, onsite learning in Stockholm in September.

If you are ready to scale up the impact of your business and want to become part of a strong network of like-minded women who can support and inspire you on your journey – then She Entrepreneurs is the programme for you.      

She Entrepreneurs will give you:

  • The opportunity to plan and develop a strategy for your business in an inspiring and collaborative learning environment. 
  • Regular sessions with expert mentors providing their support and input.  
  • Increased self-awareness as a leader and a deep understanding of how to build effective and motivated teams while also taking care of your own long-term wellbeing. 
  • Increased knowledge on topics such as business development, innovation, and partnerships to create relevant and attractive products and services, as well as reach new customers and markets.   
  • New perspectives on how you can follow up and increase the impact of your business by measuring your value creation.
  • A strong and active community of like-minded women.
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She Entrepreneurs – connecting visionary women founders since 2011. Photo: Moa Karlberg

Can I apply?

You are welcome to submit your application if you are a woman entrepreneur born 1978 – 1999 with a business that:

  • is already operational and ready to expand;
  • has the potential to develop a financially sustainable business model and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals* by driving social and/or environmental change;
  • is based in Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia or Türkiye.

Programme participants must be citizens of one of the countries mentioned above and have a proficient command of both written and spoken English.

* Find more information about the Sustainable Development Goals here on the United Nations website.

Programme timeline

She Entrepreneurs runs for about six months and combines regular online workshops, learning groups, and mentoring with one week of intensive, onsite learning in Stockholm in September. You should plan to dedicate around five hours per week to the programme.

  • Online training and mentorship (End of April – mid-November 2024)    
    The training is based on a highly practical approach that allows you to apply the knowledge and insight gained through it directly to your business. Regular online workshops are organised on different topics that help you grow your turnover and operations, build a resilient leadership and team,and follow up on the targets you set for your social or environmental contribution. The workshops are led by experienced entrepreneurs and experts. Joint workshops and smaller learning groups give plenty of opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs in similar situations and to make new connections. Throughout the programme, you will also have access to coaching and mentorship based on your various needs.
  • Onsite learning week in Stockholm (September 2024)
    The programme in Stockholm will take place 9 15 September (arriving on 9 September and departing on 15 September). It will be an intensive week of learning, combining workshops,
    mentoring, field visits and networking.The dates and timings are preliminary and may change. An exact schedule will be sent at the beginning of the programme. 

Costs covered and arranged by Swedish Institute

  • Your flights to and from Stockholm.    
  • Your accommodation and most of the meals during the programme’s onsite learning week in Stockholm, Sweden. 
  • Your insurance during the programme’s onsite learning week in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • All training online and onsite material

How to apply


FAQ - Application procedure and programme design

Maria Frangieh participated in She Entrepreneurs in 2021. Photo: Moa Karlberg
"The programme was really straight to the point with amazing mentors and an amazing team!"
Maria Frangieh - She Entrepreneurs 2021
Maria Frangieh participated in She Entrepreneurs in 2021. Photo: Moa Karlberg
Ikram Loubna Noor. Photo: Moa Karlberg
"She Entrepreneurs was a unique opportunity to meet an outstanding and ambitious group of entrepreneurs and like-minded women, to reflect and collaborate with them, and support and learn from each other in order to level up and go further.“
Ikram Loubna Nour - She Entrepreneurs alumna
Ikram Loubna Noor. Photo: Moa Karlberg
Nora Belahcen Fitzgerald participated in She Entrepreneurs in 2015. Photo: Moa Karlberg
"She Entrepreneurs planted the seed of how to develop my social enterprise and it got things going. The programme definitely had a tangible impact!"
Nora Belahcen Fitzgerald - She Entrepreneurs 2015
Nora Belahcen Fitzgerald participated in She Entrepreneurs in 2015. Photo: Moa Karlberg
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Please send any questions to

Programme Manager
Maria Henoch

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