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Are you an ambitious and innovative leader who wants to learn how to bridge the gap between desire and action on sustainability? Then join the Swedish Institute Management Programme 2023.

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In a world facing urgent and significant human, social and environmental challenges, we know that there are many people who want to contribute to positive fundamental change. 

Being part of the ‘sustainability transformation’ is one way that individuals can make a real difference – for businesses, communities and for the planet. We invite ambitious and innovative leaders from Africa who want to learn how to bridge the gap between desire and action on sustainability to join us as part of the Swedish Institute Management Programme 2023, and work in collaboration with like-minded people in their region, to help tackle these challenges, and lead their businesses to success through sustainable business practices. Because the speed and scale of change that the world desperately needs cannot be achieved in isolation. 

At the Swedish Institute, we have created unique development programme which brings together people from different African countries in an enhanced collaborative environment, where they can co-create solutions between business and other sector organisations in your country which have a genuine chance of success. 

The Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) offers you proven tools and knowledge from experts who can help you to put sustainability at the heart of your strategy and take your leadership to the next level. The programme is based on Sweden’s prominent position in innovation and sustainable business – and its connection to the global economy.  

A core outcome of the programme is for every participant to work with your organisation and implement sustainability strategically. You will formulate the actions and plan on the needs of your organisation and its stakeholders. 

The programme runs online and at local conference venues between April 2023 – December 2023, including one week in Sweden. SIMP offers coaching, interactive workshops and lectures, as well as meetings with representatives from companies and organisations in Sweden. SIMP is a challenging and interactive programme that requires your active participation and contribution. It is not a series of one-way lectures.    

What will the programme give you?

  • In-depth knowledge and skills about sustainable business practices with a focus on human rights, climate and the environment, decent working conditions and anti-corruption.
  • Capacity and knowledge to lead change and implement sustainable business practices in your own organisation.
  • Insights into business cases for sustainability in Sweden, one of the leading countries in sustainable business practice.
  • Customised expert coaching based on your organisation’s and your own personal needs.
  • A unique opportunity of close collaboration and exchange with colleagues at your own level from several other countries, developing strong, long-lasting professional networks.
  • Access to the global Swedish Institute alumni network with leaders who are committed to sustainable business and responsible leadership.

Who can apply?

If you are highly motivated to run your business in a sustainable way and promote sustainable business practices in your country; and you also  have the mandate to drive to drive  strategies throughout your business – then the answer is you! 

In addition: 

  • You are a citizen and resident of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia.
  • You are between 25 and 50 years old (born 1972–1996).
  • You work for an enterprise. We are looking for business leaders who are already CEO´s or senior managers of small or medium–sized enterprises, or managers of a significant and distinct department of a large enterprise, who have responsibility for the profits of their business.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and a track record of making things happen.
  • You are willing to support and share your experience and knowledge with other participants.
  • You have a high level proficiency in both written and spoken English.
  • You have a post-secondary education.
  • You have access to high speed internet for interactive video meetings
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Programme structure, format and timeline 

SIMP Africa 2022 takes place from April-December 2023 and is a hybrid programme with important parts online, where various digital tools and set-ups will give you a unique, varied and interactive learning experience. The digital parts of SIMP enable learning to take place over an extended period, allowing time for reflection as well as the opportunity for continuous work, both individually and together with other participants. Those that have completed required programme tasks, will be invited to a programme week in Sweden in October/November.

Costs covered and arranged by Swedish Institute

  • Training and content
  • Conference facilities for meetings locally (i.e. in capitals), and hotel if you don’t live in the capital.
  • Flights to and from Sweden for the programme week.
  • Accommodation, most meals, most transportation and insurance while in Sweden.

How to apply


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"This programme is a practical asset in a transformative leader’s toolkit. I have many amazing takeouts but one of my best is on the power of empathy and inclusion, and its impact on building an accountable workforce. My favourite quote: ’It’s not just offering seats at the table. It’s lifting voices to sing. The Voice of the Employee must be elevated to sustain a healthy corporate culture'."
Sheila Mugusia , Chief Manager Public Relations & Communication,  Kenya Revenue Authority .
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Photo: Melker Dahlstrand
"The active listening lesson on responsible leadership, was an eye opener for me as a team leader, to learn and improve my leadership skills and the art of listening. This improved the psychological safety of my team and our teams started being open at expressing different gaps and loops that were closed and it improved company performance."
Fred Kwizera, Operation director/Board of director, Eden farm ltd, Rwanda
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Photo: Kapungwe Mbaluku, Tahilla Art 
"The SIMP Africa programme has not only made me a better leader but has enriched my knowledge and understanding of how each person can make our planet a better place today and for the future. I will leverage on the insights obtained from SIMP to focus on sustainable capital raises and reporting obligations from a regulatory perspective."
Diana Sichone ,Commission Secretary and Director  Enforcement and Legal Services, Securities and Exchange Commission, Zambia 
Photo: Kapungwe Mbaluku, Tahilla Art 
Photo: Africolour Labs Limited
"As a corporate banking practitioner for several years, sustainability - or ESG - has been an integral part of financing transactions. However, joining the SIMP 2022 programme not only expanded my horizons but also exposed me to learnings on a whole spectrum of sustainability. It covered all the pertinent topics by way of practical, experiential learnings. Sharing the programme with other participants from a number of African countries and from different economic sectors has also been enriching."
Godfrey Mambo ,Senior Corporate Banker, Corporate Lending, Africa, Rabobank Kenya Representative Office
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Photo: Melker Dahlstrand
"My main takeaway from the programme is psychological safety in organisations and institutions because it´s one concept that should be integral to a work environment if we want to increase productivity and trust. And I never thought I would be able to learn so much, especially from the Swedish and Nordic models. I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning to apply, the programme will open your world in a whole new way. "
Kidist Desta, Senior International Relations Officer, The Eastern and Southern Africa Trade and Development Bank
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"You think you know about sustainability, but the programme teaches you what it really means and gives practical examples. The programme was a fantastic experience that exceeded my expectations."
Faith Nkatha Gitonga, Country Director for fintech company, Cellulant Corporation.
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