Award winning young Swedish design on showcase in Japan for the first time

Celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan, the DESIGNART Tokyo 2018 festival invites Sweden as partner country under the flag Swedish Design Moves Tokyo, in joint collaboration with the Swedish Institute, Visit Sweden, the Embassy of Sweden and Svensk Form.

 Swedish Design Moves is a global project showing new angles of contemporary Swedish design, driven by equality and creativity, coming now for the first time to Japan. Sweden and Japan share common values that are crucial in the design industry: craftsmanship, quality, sustainability, aesthetic and functionalism. The interest in Japan for Swedish design is strong, and the Young Swedish Design- exhibition offers a unique peak into some of the most interesting upcoming designers in Sweden today– this version now on show for the first time outside Sweden.


The main exhibition of Swedish Design Moves Tokyo 2018 is Young Swedish Design – an annual award and an exhibition showcasing the most innovative young talents from Sweden, within architecture, craft, fashion, art and design. The exhibition travels all over the world to broaden and deepen knowledge on upcoming and innovative Swedish design.

The first stop of Young Swedish Design 2018 international tour starts on October 19th at DESIGNART Tokyo, where the prize-winning works of 29 Swedish designers will be exhibited for the first time outside Sweden at the World Kita-Aoyama Building, with an impressive 7m glass façade and 240sqm open floor.

The project was initiated in 1998 and 2018 marks its 20th Anniversary. Ung Svensk Form / Young Swedish Design 2018 is a co-production by Svensk Form, ArkDes, IKEA and the City of Malmö. The exhibition Ung Svensk Form 2018 in Tokyo is made in collaboration with STRING® Japan.

Young Swedish Design Talks 20-21 October

In connection with the inauguration of the Young Swedish Design exhibition, a series of public talks with design talents from Sweden and Japan will be organized at the creative hotspot Commune 2nd on October 20-21. The talks will highlight the works and participating designers in the exhibition, but also dig into the Swedish and Japanese design scene of today; what is our common ground, strengths and challenges?
The Young Swedish Design Talks are organised by the Swedish Institute and the City of Malmö.
A poetic textile art installation by Swedish textile designer Ulrika Elovsson and her Japanese colleague Reiko Sudo will frame the talks and be on display at Commune 2nd throughout DESIGNART. Please visit for the full program.


Swedish Design Moves Tokyo also includes a collaboration with Volvo Studio Aoyama in Tokyo, where work by the Swedish glass craft artist Sara Lundkvist will be shown in collaboration with STRING®. Sara Lundkvist won the Ung Svensk Form / Young Swedish Design award in 2013/14 and 2015.

About Swedish Design Moves

”Swedish Design Moves” aims to promote and position Sweden as a design destination. Through global events and communication it wants to show the Swedish design heritage which is driven by equality, but also new and creative work from new innovative Swedish design generations. Swedish Design Moves is commissioned by the Swedish government and led by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Architects Sweden, ASFB – Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, TMF – the federation of Wood and furniture, and Svensk Form – the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design. Swedish Design Moves Tokyo is made in collaboration between Visit Sweden, Svensk Form, the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden. Swedish Design Moves Tokyo 2018 is supported by: String®, Volvo Car Japan, World. We hope that visitors will experience the Swedish design at its best, of course the cool minimalism it is known for in Japan, but also full of creativity and innovation. Read more on