Climate Warriors – eight Swedish Design Movement “flag bearers” portrayed in the April edition of Form Magazine

Stockings of discarded fishing nets, wooden tables planed by hand, a streetwear brand that hires Syrian refugees and designer furniture that still feels modern after more than 60 years in production. In the latest edition of Form Magazine, the readers get to meet eight Swedish design companies who are pushing the development forward towards a sustainable transition.
Tidningen Forms omslag.

In the work towards a more sustainable future, designers, architects and fashion designers play an increasingly vital role. The project Swedish Design Movement brings together players who in various ways push the development forward, from sole proprietors to big design companies.

One purpose of the project is to highlight Sweden as a pioneer in sustainable design, and thereby inspire others. For the government, it is also a matter of strengthening Swedish export of sustainable products and services.

In order to reach out with the message nationally and internationally, the industry organizations in the program have appointed a number of “flagbearers” – companies and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding sustainability efforts.

In the April edition of Form Magazine, eight such companies and representatives are presented: Stefan Sjöberg from the architect firm Kjellander Sjöberg, Tilda Lagerqvist from Lammhults, designer Emma Olbers, Ola Rune from architect and design firm ClaessonKoivistoRune, Linn Frisinger from stocking company Swedish Stockings, Angelo da Silveira from the streetwear brand Diemonde, Sonnie Byrling from Swedese and Dag Duberg from Tarkett.

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